Listening to Youth Activists

The Potential of Activism in Fostering Sociopolitical Efficacy and Generating Hope AuthorRoshn Najmeddin SupervisorDr. Bianca Szytniewski Date11-08-2023 Youth engagement is often misunderstood or underestimated and the public opinion regularly views youth as being politically apathetic and disinterested. However, in my recent study, I shed light on narratives of Albanian youth activists, revealing a powerful force […]

Engaging the New Generation

Youth Perspectives on Democracy and Citizenship in Post-Communist Albania AuthorTatjana Hora SupervisorDr. Bianca Szytniewski Date11-08-2023 In a rapidly changing world, the voices of young people are crucial in shaping the direction of societies. In the bustling city of Tirana, Albania, my research delved into a topic of significant importance: the perception of democratisation and its […]